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СНПЧ А7 Сургут, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

If a customer has changed the password and has forgotten their number or sequence then this is deemed as a customer error. The only way to repair this unit is for us to re-flash the firmware into the unit. Can only be done here in the workshop. Advise customer they will be required to send in product at their expense.


  1. Tablet is frozen.

First of all what the last action was before the tablet froze. Eg: installing software, changing passwords, pressing multiple buttons, downloading applications  etc.

Make sure the user has not altered settings in the developer options as this can cause issues.


  • Try  to hold down power button on tablet for 10 seconds until unit turns off. This is a basic reset. Then after off for 10 seconds, turn tablet back on normally and check the status.

If working, problem solved. If not try to gain access to main settings menu.

If tablet allows settings menu then perform full reset and erase sd card storage.

If tablet is still frozen and no functions can be accessed then contact your warranty provider in your area.



  1. Customer has changed password and then lost or forgotten password.


This is a customer introduced fault. The customer must return the unit to us for recovery reset. Details mentioned above.



  1. Generic random faults.


First of all we suggest visiting the Thomson web site

This has a lot of useful information and frequently asked questions can be answered there.



  1. Tablet is running slow.


Visit the Thomson web site first.

Secondly we suggest to make sure there is no unnecessary apps running in the background. This can be checked in the settings menu under apps .Also excessive widgets on the home screen and live wallpaper and similar will all slow the tablet.

Also if slow when browsing suggest downloading a better internet browser such as Google chrome or Mozilla.



  1. Internet connection not working.


Make sure the tablet recognises the wifi networks in the area. Wifi must be turned on in the settings. Check signal strength is sufficient. Also most cases a security password will be required to gain access to a wifi router. Customers’ responsibility to have this. Any other questions the customer must contact their internet service provider for more information. Eg: password set up , security options selected etc,etc



  1. Some apps not working or some games causing issues.

Suggestions: Downloaded apps are not our responsibility. If customer has downloaded un-authorised content this is also not a tablet issue. Some apps and games are also very memory intensive and can cause some tablets to freeze or corrupt. You are limited to the actual ram installed on the tablet. Some tablets will be faster than others. The customer should contact the play store for technical information for apps and games issues. Sometimes while downloading games or applications an error message may appear relating to connection error or authentication etc,etc. This can relate to the customers connection speed and quality of their internet service. Again these normally relate to the customers internet service provider and they would have to contact them for more information.



7. Some apps have pops appear that are not suitable for kids or unwanted.

When downloading free apps the authors of the apps sometimes have advertising pop ups that will appear which is one way that the apps can be supplied to the public at no charge as advertisers pay for their coverage. This is completely uncontrollable by us and has nothing to do with us. One way of eliminating this is for the customer to actually purchase the app as this will normally eliminate any unwanted pop ups. Otherwise please select a different application.



8. Connecting a 3G dongle to the tablet

Although this tablet will accept 3G dongles it will only be compatible with certain types.

This can be checked under settings, then go to more: This will show a list of Dongle models that can be accepted. If it is not on this list then it will be non-compliant.



9. Not Charging or dc plug not sitting in tablet correctly. Very Loose and has to be held in for tablet to charge.

We will send out new adaptor to customer. If possible try and get the old adaptor sent back to us.



10. Play store questions.

Please note that with Google play store this should automatically update the version on the Thomson tablets. No need to download the latest version with Android 4.0 and higher.



Important Information for Consumer Buying Thomson Tablet.

Thank you for your purchase of this Thomson Android Tablet. Please note that in order to use this product sufficiently and to its full potential it is advisable to become familiar with the Android operating system.

Most issues and questions that arise from the use of such a product can be simply addressed by educating yourself with the Android operating system. Please use some of our links and information below to assist you. It is advisable that you browse  through these documents and links before you approach our help line call centre.

Do not return the product back to the store without contacting our call centre. An authorization number is required before the store can accept any returns for faulty products. The authorized Thomson help line is the only way of obtaining a return authorization number. Return authority numbers will only be issued in the unfortunate event of a faulty product.

How to Use Android 4 Tablets-Basic of the Operating System -Tutorial For Android

Video links:

Android information:

What Works – The Basics

Slow performing tablets are usually a result of placing too much software on the home screen. Below are all suggestions which will increase the speed of the tablet.

These easy-to-follow tips will work for everyone, no rooting your device required:

Kill & Uninstall Misbehaving Apps: Task killer apps are unnecessary — we’ll get to that later — because Android normally does a good job of managing processes for you. However, in some cases, an app may misbehave, taking up a lot of CPU time and slowing your system. You can identify these apps from the Task Manager by their high resource usage. You can also use an app like Watchdog Task Manager, which watches for misbehaving apps. After
you spot a misbehaving app, kill it. If it continues misbehaving, you should uninstall it.

Install a Different Browser: If you’re one of the majority of Android users, you could see a performance increase from installing a new browser. Users of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above can also try Google Chrome for Android.